Business Plan


Last Man Power was incorporated in the State of Georgia in September 2011 when Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Berger and Chief Engineering Officer Michael Wilson united their efforts around the goal of enabling backpackers, long haul trekkers, off-grid communities, and soldiers to generate sufficient electricity to power the electronic devices they utilize the most.

Last Man Power produces two product packages in the initial product line: the Flying Fish and the Variable Resistance Dynamo.  Both the Flying Fish and the Variable Resistance Dynamo come with our power processing and battery charging product, the Electric Eel.

The Flying Fish is both a wind and hydro turbine generator for off grid, rugged use. It is designed for easy deployment, packs into the volume of an ultralight tent, produces 60 watts or better of power, weighs about three pounds and laughs off rough treatment.  The Variable Resistance Dynamo is designed to give long trek bicyclists and commuters alike all the functionality and electricity production they want in a variable base resistance, variable regenerative braking bicycle hub dynamo.  The Electric Eel completes both packages with power rectification, regulation and outputs for high capacity battery charging (for running laptops, etc.), sophisticated AA charging, continuous USB power for handheld devices and continuous bicycle headlamp operation to keep the bicycle safely lit even while stopped on the roadway.

As a portable energy solutions provider, Last Man Power seeks to offer a favorable price point on products, which maximize power output per unit of weight.  Both of our product packages compare extremely favorably to market competition.  Backpackable wind and hydro generation are brand new, as modern electronics are just getting miniaturized and ruggedized enough for a trekker to add to an expedition plan.  As a generation of young professionals is achieving vast purchasing power on the market; they look for constant connectivity and work-anywhere capability.  Technology has become unobtrusive enough that most folks would prefer the choice to stay connected with friends, family, and even the office if it means they can extend their trip an extra few days.

The Variable Resistance Dynamo is the same in concept to the simple fixed hub dynamos of fifty years ago that are still being sold today.  However, the clever winding arrangement for variable energy output and resistance, smoothly engaging and increasing regenerative braking and Electric Eel output choices position it far above any dynamo designed to power a bicycle headlamp alone.

There are a number of micro-hydro and residential wind systems on the market; a couple designs are even portable. However, none handle both wind and hydro in the same package and none are targeted in design, power output and price to the single off grid individual or small group.

Last Man Power is now seeking to raise $75,000 for tools and equipment for production, prototyping materials, patents and intellectual property related legal fees, marketing, personnel, and initial inventory.  Our initial company valuation is set at a modest $250,000.  Our models assume an aggressive 3 year growth plan, but acknowledge unforeseen setbacks may necessitate up to 5 years to meet our projected numbers.   Either way, investors are can earn abnormal rates of returns on their initial investment—over 200% annualized for the 3 years plan, and over 95% assuming the more conservative 5 year plan.  We will be accepting investments as low as $10,000, and will guarantee a seat on the company’s board of directors to any investor who invests $25,000 or more.

Interested in Investing?

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