Bike Heroes of South America

Bogota Colombia Bike Culture and Infrastructure, Ciclovias, Enrique Penalosa, Antanas Mockus, Bogota Bike Network, Building Bicycle Friendly Communities.

The real class conflict today, is not exactly what Marx had predicted...with a few billionaires and the salaried workers.  The real class conflict in the developing world is between those with cars and the rest of society.

Bogota Colombia implemented one of the modern world's most radical transportation system overhauls in the late 90's early 00's through the leadership of two men, Enrique Penalosa and Antanas Mockus.  Their leadership and projects are largely responsible for transforming Bogota Colombia from what was widely regarded as "the worst place in the world to live," to a first world city where human dignity and social ethics were held in their rightful regard.

This documentary, Cities on Speed, tells their story.  It is both inspiring, informative, and hilarious.  For those of us interested in promoting and building a more bicycle friendly society locally, this is an absolute must watch.

**Note, this video has 6 parts.  Click the "watch on youtube" button on the video.  After completing each part, youtube will provide the link to the next part.

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